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Comprehensive Casino Hire Options

We have a nationwide network

At Casino Party Hire we specialise in supplying top quality, full size casino equipment for hire. Our Casino equipment comes complete with fully trained casino croupiers and a fun structured evening of entertainment for you and your guests.

We are able to offer a nationwide network of casino equipment for hire through our carefully selected, trained operators. So wherever you are in the country our casino equipment for hire is available to you, guaranteeing the highest standard and ensuring an authentic and enjoyable experience is delivered every time.

Hire a casino table

Roulette Tables

Hire a casino table

Our roulette tables are 10 feet long and 5 feet wide, just slightly smaller than a real casino table to make them more managable to transport to your venue.

Hire a casino table

Black Jack Tables

casino tables for rent

You can choose to hire a blackjack table on its own or as part of a casino package, to give your guests a unique and memorable casino experience. 

Hire a casino table

Poker Tables

casino table hire

We can supply high quality poker tables and dealers for any type of event to help you get an authentic experience at home, in your office or at your party venue of choice.

The Croupiers who work our casino equipment are all selected based on their personality and experience. They are available as part of our comprehensive casino equipment for hire packages.

For large corporate bookings where the client really wants to impress, our casino equipment for hire can be personalised to your booking. The casino table layouts can have company names and logos added along with branded fun money for your guests to use when placing their bets. We are at present the only casino equipment hire company in the United Kingdom who offer this personalised service.

The casino equipment for hire consists of American roulette and blackjack as standard and also can include our fast moving, poker game.

All our casino equipment for hire is of the best quality and is always maintained to a very high standard. We use hand crafted roulette wheels, manufactured specially for Casino Party Hire, making a fantastic centre piece to any casino themed party.

We are also the only casino equipment for hire company who offer a unique new take on Texas hold’em poker making it more fast moving and suitable for casino parties. We have called it ‘Quick hold’em poker’ and it is a variation of Texas hold’em, which is very easy to pick up and enables new players to get started in minutes and enjoy a fast paced poker game.


Casino equipment for hire is suitable for any occasion. If there is a celebration, wedding reception, office party, fund raising event, birthday party, wedding anniversary or Christmas party then casino equipment for hire is suitable for you.

Casino equipment for hire has been available for many years. It has been an objective of our business to standardise and reduce the price of casino equipment hire along with building a company reputation that people will recognise, so they can be assured of a high quality evening of entertainment. The reasons why casino equipment hire has remained so expensive for so long is that other operators travel a long distance to get the bookings they require to stay in business. Casino Party Hire carefully selected local and trained operators through out the United Kingdom, backed up by a high profile advertising campaign, promoting local casino equipment for hire. When you book your casino equipment hire with us you can be assured that the operator has not travelled hundreds of miles to reach you at your expense.

Local casino equipment for hire is now available anywhere in the United Kingdom guaranteeing you quality, reliability and competitive pricing along with a structured evening that has proved successful time and time again by both corporate and private bookings alike. We believe that we are now the leading company in the casino equipment for hire market, offering quality, reliability and a guarantee of a local operator to cover your event wherever you are.

It’s Time to Plan an Epic Casino Party Night

Casino night events have been very popular for quite a while now. We have been providing croupiers and equipment for events and gatherings for a very long time. With our professional croupiers, you can hire our money wheel, poker tables, roulette tables, and blackjack tables.

The casino tables include all the chips and other casino accoutrements needed to give your guests the impression of being in a high rollers lounge or Las Vegas. How fun! The prior gaming experience is optional, and our friendly staff will also assist you with that. It’s time to get the best casino tables for rent from Casino Party Hire.

To share the excitement of a casino win with your guests, engage all in the game. Our gaming tables are stylish, and our entertaining casino dealers arrive dressed to the nines. With the help of our fun casino rental, you can experience the casino to the fullest. We employ skilled dealers and first-rate gaming equipment at the best prices. Our casino equipment hires have been chosen for their authentic appearance and feel, allowing you and your guests to experience a fun-filled night just like in Vegas.

Enjoy a casino-themed party by hiring skilled dealers to operate your tables and give lessons to players of all skill levels to further enhance the authenticity of your casino night. Hire casino tables for parties such as birthdays, corporate events, harbour cruises, and fundraising events, as they will all benefit greatly from casino nights.

Why Renting Our Casino Equipment?

To truly give you the feeling of Monte Carlo, Casino Party Hire has various casino tables for rent. We are a friendly, professional and amiable group that will amuse and impress your guests. The staff give guests “How to play” tips, and soon after everyone becomes “High Rollers”!

There are several benefits to hiring our casino equipment rather than purchasing it:

Cost: It might not be financially feasible to invest in casino equipment for a one-off event or a brief period of time because these purchases might be pricey. The cost of casino equipment can vary widely, depending on the quality and type of the equipment and the supplier. Therefore, fun casino table hire is the best option, as purchasing casino equipment require a significant upfront investment, whereas hiring equipment allows you to spread the cost over time.

Flexibility: When you hire casino equipment, you have the flexibility to choose the specific items you need, and you can change your selection as your needs evolve. Casino equipment for hire is gaining a lot of popularity as it allows you to experiment with different games and activities without committing to a long-term investment. This can be particularly useful if you are not sure which games will be popular with your guests. Casino Party Hire will provide you with the best range of equipment for rent.

Convenience: Renting casino equipment can be more convenient, as it eliminates the need to store and maintain the equipment. When you hire casino equipment, you don’t need to find space to store it when it’s not in use. This can be particularly beneficial if you have limited storage space. It can be difficult and possibly require specialised handling and vehicles to transport heavy and sensitive casino equipment. Hiring casino equipment for a party can help you to delegate the logistics to the experts, who will make sure the equipment gets to your event place securely and is set up properly.

Professional setup: We dispense casino table hire for parties and also provide professional dealers to oversee the different games and ensure that everything runs smoothly. These dealers are typically experienced and knowledgeable about the various casino games, and they can give instructions and assistance to guests who are unfamiliar with the rules. Having professional dealers at your event can add a level of authenticity and professionalism to the experience, as well as help to ensure that the games run smoothly and fairly.

For guests to have a pleasurable and authentic casino experience, casino party equipment for hire is essential. The correct equipment creates the right mood, improves the ambiance overall, and enables players to fully immerse themselves in the games, simulating the thrill and excitement of a genuine casino.

Therefore, the equipment is simply necessary. For example, you will need to hire a roulette table and croupier, dice, and cards for games like poker and blackjack. They can add excitement and energy to an event, as it allows the guests to enjoy a wide variety of games and activities.

Choose the Best Casino Equipment Rental from Casino Party Hire

Parties with casino games have grown to be incredibly popular; they are a great way to keep the party going and your guests engaged. You can hire casino equipment for parties from Casino Party Hire in the UK for any occasion, including weddings, parties, and corporate events. You can be confident that you’re in the right place because we value each and every one of our clients and go above and beyond to give them a memorable experience.

We can also assist you prior to your event if you are unsure of what games you need or how to add that “wow factor” to your party. Moreover, our professionals will talk about your entertainment and explain how you can incorporate it into your casino-themed evening-hire of poker tables and dealers.

Casino Party Hire is the best company to hire for your upcoming event or celebration. We incorporate a variety of other activities and entertainment in addition to team building by supplying all the equipment and staff. Selecting high-quality casino table hire for parties can help to create a more professional and polished event.

Our primary objective as leaders in the casino sector is to guarantee the success of your event and give every one of your visitors an exceptional experience. We take pleasure in providing affordable, high-quality casino party supplies and services that are catered to your unique requirements and tastes.

Our casino gaming equipment, which includes actual roulette wheels, professional-grade poker tables, and a number of other casino games, is made to make your event seem like a real casino. You can concentrate on entertaining and interacting with your guests while we take care of the setup, management, and seamless functioning of the games. Our extensive selection of games, which cater to players of all skill levels—from seasoned gamblers to novices—ensures inclusivity and fun for everyone.

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