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Black Jack Table Hire starts from £325

You can choose to hire a blackjack table on its own or as part of a fun casino package, a good compliment to roulette. Whichever you choose you will receive a superb quality blackjack table, complete with sturdy legs designed for the party situation, all casino style accessories required, including quality gaming chips and playing cards along with a professional trained blackjack dealer to guarantee maximum player enjoyment.

With our standard hire packages you are supplied with our own fun money which can be personalised if required.


Our Black Jack Tables…

Blackjack tables are 6 feet by 3 feet. This is a game where each player has a hand of two cards dealt to them. They all take a turn from left to right to play their hand against the dealer by “staying”, not taking another card or by saying “card”, to be dealt another card. The winners are the players who are closer to 21 with out going over and with a hand totalling more than the dealer. If they have the same as the dealer it is a draw and the player keep their bet – this is called a “push”. If the dealer goes over 21 “busting”, all players win who have not busted. There can be more than one winner each hand.

If this seems a litle confusing don’t worry, the dealers explain everything in detail and will even add up the cards for you.

Rent an Authentic Blackjack Table for the Ultimate Casino Theme Party

Blackjack is the best casino game to play from a responsible betting perspective due to its low house edge. It is known to be the fan-favourite game. Therefore adding it to your casino party can be really fun. Casino Party Hire offers blackjack table rentals to make your event memorable. All of our gaming tables are staffed by professionally trained croupiers who can manage the game for you.

The funny money we supply can be given to guests upon arrival, at their table, or simply when they come up to play. Guests can “buy” their chips at the tables using this funny money. After that, it’s time to place your bets. One of two things will happen: people will run out of chips or start winning! 

Blackjack casino games are interesting as the cards are dealt by the dealer, and you can choose to stick or twist them. If your cards add up to 21 on the first draw, you win right away. If not, you’ll need to draw more cards to get to the winning total, but be careful to stay under 21, or you’ll lose. Each player receives two cards at the start of the game, and the dealer (the house) receives one card face up and one card face down. 

To create an engaging and genuine casino-themed experience at any event, it is crucial to have a range of casino tables to hire such as roulette, blackjack, and poker. One of the popular and traditional casino game, blackjack, is unquestionably a must-have among these tables. For a variety of well-liked events, our main goal is to deliver casino blackjack table and other equipments for an evening full of fun, laughter, and entertainment

Blackjack – Simple to Learn, Thrilling to Play

Due to its mix of chance and skill, blackjack is one of the most played card games in casinos. As you face off against the dealer alone, your success will depend on your luck, bravery, and cleverness! 

This prestigious casino game is one that Casino Party Hire is honoured to offer for your event. After each player receives their initial two cards, they are given the option to draw additional cards. The objective is to beat the dealer’s total without going over 21 (Bust). Undoubtedly, with our blackjack table hire service, you can make an event lively and entertaining while promoting guest interaction and friendly rivalry.

The dealer will now go clockwise and ask each player their next step after giving them their first two cards, always pointing out their options. We will help you understand the fundamental outline of a game of blackjack. There are 5 different ways you can play your hand:

Hit – Players have the option of taking a “Hit”, which entails taking extra cards to raise their total card value to 21 points, or as close to 21 as they can without going over (referred to as “Busting”). If a player busts, the dealer will immediately take their bet and remove their cards, ending their participation in the game. To let the dealer or croupier know you want another card, a player should tap the table with their hand.

Double Down – If you need to take an extra card but have an advantageous hand total, you can double your initial wager. The dealer will deal you with just one extra card. A player can “double down” after receiving their first two cards. Players frequently double down when their dealt cards have a value of 10 or 11.

Split – If a player in blackjack has a pair or any other two cards worth 10 points, they can double their wager and split their cards into two distinct hands. When a player is handed a pair, they have the option to double their bet, in which case the dealer will split the pair into two new hands with one card each as the initial card. Players can boost their odds of winning and possibly create more advantageous hands by using this option.

Surrender – You can choose to give up your opening hand in exchange for receiving back half of your initial gamble if you don’t like it. When a player surrenders, they keep the other half of their bet and do not play out their hand. According to casino rules, this choice is only available for the first two cards. Casino Party Hire has a well-trained croupier that can help you play this fantastic game. 

Stand – If your first two cards in blackjack are good, you can choose to stand, which means you don’t want to keep getting new cards. Stand, also known as “stick” or “stay,” means you want to stop taking cards. To indicate you do not want more cards, a player must wave a flat hand horizontally from side to side.

Casino Party Hire – Blackjack Table Rentals

Due to the game’s simplicity and the fact that you play against the bank rather than other players, blackjack table hire is always a success. The game is ideal for entertaining a large number of guests because the rounds are brief, and up to 14 players can participate at once. The blackjack table is of the highest calibre and resembles a table at a legitimate casino. We cooperate with croupiers and dealers who are qualified and reliable. Casino Party Hire helps you get the blackjack table rental with our croupiers and dealers, who are qualified and reliable. 

Blackjack is also a good complement to roulette and can be rented separately or as part of a fun casino package. Whichever option you select, you will receive a top-notch blackjack table. To ensure that everyone can play, our croupiers are very helpful and willing to walk new players through the game. You will enjoy the thrill of a real casino with Casino Party Hire.

You will receive nothing less than top-notch equipment whether you decide to rent casino blackjack table solo or as part of our fun casino package. Our expertly built blackjack tables radiate authenticity, giving players the impression that they are in the centre of an opulent casino.

We take pride in making sure that everyone can take part in the games and enjoy the excitement. In addition to being skilled table managers, our trained croupiers are also amiable and engaging. They are delighted to mentor and help new players, making sure that everyone is at ease and actively participating during the gaming session.

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