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For your New Years Eve party

Looking for an idea to keep your guest entertained until midnight and beyond in to the new year? Then why not win everyone over by providing entertainment in the form of a themed casino party event? Fun Casino Party hire is a fantastic addition to any party that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Casino equipment fits in perfectly with all the following party theme ideas.

  • James Bond 007 Theme
  • Casino Royal Theme
  • Wild West Western theme
  • Gangsters and Molls theme
  • Las Vegas Theme
  • Poker Party Theme
  • Murder Mystery Theme
  • Dinner Party Theme
  • High Rollers Theme

Ring in the New Year with Casino Party Hire

A casino-themed New Year’s Eve party can be a fun and exciting way to welcome the New Year with friends and family. It gives your guests a fun and entertaining experience and the theme party is always a great opportunity to get fancy, engage in activities, and mingle with friends and family. Casino Party Hire provides you with a top-notch range of equipment that fits in perfectly with all the party theme ideas.

A casino theme party’s games and activities can keep your guests entertained and foster healthy competition. This can assist in easing tensions and get people talking to one another, bringing them closer together. They can discuss other common interests and experiences while playing. A casino theme party is sure to create lasting memories for your guests. It’s time to do something different and memorable to celebrate the New Year.

People of all ages will love the addition of a fun casino party to any celebration. All of the ensuing party theme suggestions go great with our superlative casino-themed equipment. A casino-themed New Year’s Eve party is a perfect way to create priceless memories for your guests. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the new year in a unique way. It’s an opportunity to give your guests an exceptional and memorable experience.

Here are some suggestions on how to plan a successful casino-themed party:

Decor: Create a casino-like feel by decorating the space. Utilise our poker chips, dice, and the colours theme of red and black. Hang “Happy New Year” or “Casino Night” banners and balloons. Red and black are the classic colours of a casino, so use them liberally throughout your party. You can even use red and black tablecloths, balloons, and napkins.

Dress Code: The 1920s were an era of refinement and glitz, which is ideal for a casino theme. For a vintage 20s appearance, encourage your guests to wear flapper dresses, feather boas, and fedoras. Your guests can also dress up in formal attire, or casino-themed costumes. This could include suits, ties, cocktail dresses, and feather boas.

Games: Set up casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. If you don’t have the equipment for these games, you can rent it from a party supply store such as Casino Party Hire. Make sure to have plenty of chips or play money on hand for your guests to use. Remember to have fun and keep the games light-hearted and enjoyable for everyone. Our croupier will help you run the games and make everyone conformable.

Music: Play music that fits the party theme, such as jazz or swing. You can also hire a DJ to keep the party going into the early hours of the morning. The music you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the atmosphere you want to create for your guests. Just remember to keep it fun, upbeat, and in line with the casino theme.

Prizes: Have prizes on hand for the winners of the casino games. This could include gift cards, bottles of wine, or other small items. Giving away prizes at a party with a casino theme will make your attendees even more excited. Remember to have a range of prizes for your guests to win so that everyone has a chance to walk away with something.

Start Your New Year with a Bang!

Consider providing beverages and snacks to your guests since casinos frequently provide free drinks to their customers. Also, serve finger appetisers like sliders and small quiches along with a cocktail menu that includes traditional casino beverages like Dirty Martinis and Manhattans. The casino royale New Year’s Eve party is gaining a lot of popularity as it creates a glamorous and elegant atmosphere.

Provide a reward table with a variety of prizes that visitors can win, such as gift cards or objects with a casino motif, including card decks and dice sets. Renting our fun casino equipment is always a great idea to spruce up your party. Always remember to have fun and encourage your visitors to relax and have a good time. The best way to ring in the new year is with a casino-themed New Year’s Eve party!

If you want to celebrate a special occasion or just hang out with friends to have a party with a casino theme, with the right casino equipment from Casino Party Hire, you can turn any event into a special experience that your guests will love. A casino-theme party will provide your guests with the chance to mingle and get to know each other.

For your guests, playing games may be a great icebreaker and foster friendship. Rent our casino tables, like roulette, blackjack, and poker tables, with our professionally trained croupier. They will assist your guests in the games and create a more authentic casino atmosphere at your event.

They can teach your guests the rules of the games and provide guidance throughout the evening. With the right equipment, the casino creates an unforgettable casino-themed New Year’s Eve party. It’s time to enjoy the music and dance and celebrate the New Year with positive energy and enthusiasm.

What our customers say…

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the success of last nights event. I have had very positive feedback from a number of the attendees.

Frankie Borrell – Corporate Events, Lehman Brothers

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the fun roulette for my wife’s 50th Bithday party on Saturday – went down really well with everybody. Regards to Tony for doing a great job.

Roy Packer

Many thanks for sorting out my party. Everyone really enjoyed the roulette, sorry there wasn’t much space! I hope you got home okay and I hope you managed to get enough to eat and drink during the evening. I woke up on Sunday to an array of wigs scattered around the house!

Maggie – Corporate Casino Party – black tie and wigs party


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