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For your birthday party

Party ideas could include 18th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th as well as wedding anniversary or any other birthday celebrations.

Did you want to surprise a loved one or colleague with a surprise party? Why not add a bit of glitz and glamour with a themed casino party? Casino can be the theme itself or it can be added to any of the following party theme ideas.

  • James Bond 007 Theme
  • Casino Royal Theme
  • Wild West Western theme
  • Gangsters and Molls theme
  • Las Vegas Theme
  • Poker Party Theme
  • Murder Mystery Theme
  • Dinner Party Theme
  • High Rollers Theme

Enjoy A Premium Gaming Experience with Casino Party Hire

A fun casino is the most amazing way to get people interacting at a party and keep them entertained. It’s so enjoyable and even more flexible than you might imagine hosting a casino theme birthday party. You can recreate the classic casino ambience and invite everyone for an evening of gaming.

At Casino Party Hire, we provide the best gaming equipment, a fully trained casino croupier to oversee each table and a carefully planned event to thrill and excite your guests. In exchange for casino-quality gaming chips, we provide fun money for visitors to use at the tables as they try to outwit the house and win prizes.

A casino night birthday party is a great way to entertain guests. Whether it’s your 18th or 70th birthday, renting a casino is a fantastic and affordable way to throw a memorable party. As an industry leader, we have a network of operators who have been carefully chosen and trained to uphold our high standards, ensuring that you receive quality, enjoyable service.

We are considered to be one of few businesses that specialise in hosting fun casino events, so you must contact us if you wish to enjoy a fantastic casino birthday party.

The casino is perfect for all types of private events or parties, whether you’re hosting one at home or a venue. The glitz and glamour of the casino birthday party are truly mesmerising if you enjoy gambling and want to impress your friends!

Our Most-Loved Casino Birthday Party Themes

Gambling enthusiasts know that the thrill and excitement on a casino floor are unlike anything else.

Without playing table games, what is a casino night? We can bet that your guests will be delighted if you use a casino birthday theme party and flattering décor. 

Here are some of the most-loved casino party themes:

James Bond 007 Theme

Hosting a casino party is the most crucial aspect of establishing a joyful and festive atmosphere. We use props and decorations with a Bond theme to achieve the feel and look. This would be a great casino theme birthday party as we display martini glasses and shake rather than stir cocktails or hang posters from vintage Bond movies. There are many traditional casino games that would be appropriate for a James Bond party.

Casino Royale Theme

You’ve decided to indulge in alluring fun, and why not? You deserve it. The best way to celebrate the fact that the entire world is with you is by throwing a “Casino Royale Party”! This is one of the most admired happy birthday casino themes. Get ready to discover your inner spy in elite fashion.

Gangsters and Molls Theme

At the casino night birthday party, we proudly present our 1920s Gangsters & Molls theme. Get ready to step back into the 20s. The location will become a gangsters’ haven for the evening. We design packages to transform your venue and suit every budget. When guests arrive, they will be transported to the 1920s, with music from that era playing in the background.

Murder Mystery Theme

This is the most famous and thrilling casino birthday party theme. Every player in an interactive murder mystery game is given full information, including a thorough backstory, goals to strive for, and details about other characters. We offer a wide selection of games to choose from, as the murder mystery theme is extremely interesting.

Las Vegas Theme

The focus of a Las Vegas theme is on colour and lighting. We contrast these vibrant blues, greens, and pinks with loud gold, orange, and yellow colours to usher in the night. Casinos are typically open 24 hours a day, unlike a typical birthday party where the opening hours of your preferred venue might not coincide with your availability. Amazing props and decorations abound at our stunning Las Vegas parties. It is ideal for social gatherings and business events.

Casino Party Hire is all set to offer you an unforgettable evening with amazing casino-themed birthday parties. We’ve learned over the years that everyone has distinctive preferences and ideas when holding special events.

To make each of our clients’ events truly memorable, we share our expertise with them. So it’s time for you to choose the best casino theme birthday party per your preference. Our croupiers are fun and skilled as they relax your guests and create a pleasant, enjoyable environment. We encourage visitors to deal with blackjack or spin the roulette wheel for fun memories.

Casino Party Hire provides you with the best-quality chips, cards, and accessories that look incredible and give your guests a genuine buzz of excitement. Based close to London, we tend to transport best-in-class fun casino equipment and croupiers’ to parties across the United Kingdom.

Casino Party Hire – Experience Unforgettable Casino Theme Party

Making your party a smashing success is the main goal of Casino Party Hire. Your guests will have a great time at our casino night birthday party, as everything has a fun twist. We offer a wide variety of props to fit any budget. Moreover, our team is content, settled, and highly motivated, and we have a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. 

Enjoy bespoke games at your casino birthday theme party. Some of the most played casino games worldwide are blackjack and roulette, along with wheel of fortune, poker dice, five card stud, and so on.

Casino Party Hire also had the privilege of working with the UK’s largest and most prestigious companies and countless local businesses, universities, and many wonderful charities. We have even been a part of hundreds of special occasions, weddings, and events.

Every party or event is customised to meet your specific requirements and budget restrictions, resulting in a memorable experience for guests. Being an industry leader, we are fully committed to meeting all our customers’ needs.

What our customers say…

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the success of last nights event. I have had very positive feedback from a number of the attendees.

Frankie Borrell – Corporate Events, Lehman Brothers

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the fun roulette for my wife’s 50th Bithday party on Saturday – went down really well with everybody. Regards to Tony for doing a great job.

Roy Packer

Many thanks for sorting out my party. Everyone really enjoyed the roulette, sorry there wasn’t much space! I hope you got home okay and I hope you managed to get enough to eat and drink during the evening. I woke up on Sunday to an array of wigs scattered around the house!

Maggie – Corporate Casino Party – black tie and wigs party


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