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How many casino tables will I need?

A mobile casino makes a superb party idea; we would recommend at least 1 table per 50 guests. It is possible to have a higher guest / table ratio although not everyone may get a go. We will always try our best to get everyone playing by restricting fun money issued.

Will everyone get chance to play?

We can give most people a chance to play on the casino equipment for hire by restricting the amount of chips guests have to play with to a suitable level worked out by the table / guest ratio.

Do you run the event as a competition?

Casino Party hire is normally run as a competition with the winner getting a prize at the end of play

How do you know who as won at the casino party?

Our experienced croupiers for hire will be able to monitor and work out who is the eventual chip winner.

Do you offer casino tables without croupiers for hire?

We do offer casino equipment for hire without croupiers; however for the fully enjoyable experience we would always recommend having a skilled croupier to run the fun mobile casino for hire.

Do you have or do we need a gaming licence for casino equipment for hire?

No. To run a fun mobile casino for hire it is not necessary to have a gaming licence. The law allows us to operate within some simple guidelines, provided that the casino equipment for hire is not the only reason guests are assembled and providing there is no cash prize offered then no licence is required. The fact that guests are there for a party celebration is sufficient reason.

As a charity, how are we legally allowed to raise funds with the casino tables?

Fun casino hire can be used to raise funds for charities and fund raising. It is this circumstance that permits the sale of fun money for real money, usually £5.00 per 100 fun money.

Do you supply dealers for all casino tables for hire?

Yes, we have informative helpful fun croupiers to work all the fun casino party tables we hire.

Will the croupiers explain the rules?

Yes, our croupiers are very patient and will explain the games over and over to any guest that asks.

How many people can play on the casino tables for hire at one time?

Eight to ten are able to play on the casino tables at one time.

How long does it take to assemble and take down the casino tables?

It normally takes 40 minutes to set up casino tables and all hired accessories to be ready to play. We will always allow one hour to be sure.

How big are the casino tables?

Our casino tables are full size; they break down into sections to be easily transportable and can be set up in fairly tight spaces. We can visit in advance to check that there is adequate space available. We do have smaller casino tables for hire available if required.

What Party themes are casino tables suited for?

Casino equipment for hire is suitable for any themed party from Gangsters and Molls to James Bond 007 or even a surprise party. It makes a superb birthday party theme.

Can we help organise a casino equipped surprise party?

Yes, casino hire is an excellent choice for a surprise birthday party idea. We can be very discrete and often use passwords or phrases to help keep the surprise birthday party theme.

Can you supply personalised fun money for the casino party?

Yes, fun money can be personalised for a small fee and shortly we will also be able to print company names or logos onto the casino table layouts to create a great corporate image.

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